RX rope`s engineers have created the safest, longest lasting, most attractive cabling in the playground industries.
Using proprietary technology, they`ve infused the beautiful nylon cable coatings with UV protectants and flame retardant solutions in the extrusion process.
They use these vibrant threads to weave a braid around 144 strands of galvanized steel to produce the play structure rope.
This unique process keeps the ropes beautiful to see, soft to touch and stronger than any other cabling available.
The vibrant colors will immediately appeal to children of all ages, but the ropes will also feel just as good to touch.
A class 8 UV Colorfastness rating keeps the ropes looking new and the special nylon formula and
unique weaving of threads means that RX compound ropes are resistant to fading, wearing and fraying for years.
(Available colors are Brown , Blue , Yellow , Red , Green , Black , Brown&Green , Red&Blue , Blue&Yellow , Red&Black , Black&Neon green.)


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