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CEO Message
Ropecamp is working hard to develop playground equipments which can have space-efficiency and safe play.
As user`s demand of safety is upgraded, Ropecamp is producing all products to meet this demand
according to international standard safety regulation - IPEMA, TUV, ASTM, CPSC, CSA.

TUV are international test and safety certifying companies who provide services including products test and certificate.
The safety certificate of TUV prove the tested product`s reliabilty.
Ropecamp`s products certified by TUV are tested by European safety standard EN1176 regulation.
IPEMA stands for International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association. IPEMA nominated
independant test & certificate organizations and through these organizations, it provides the third
party certificate service. Also certify that those playground equipments are produced according to ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614.

Ropecamp is working hard to improve product`s safety and quality. Most of our products got
TUV already tested and we will get certificate for more products.
All our R&D members are consisted of international safety regulation specialists and they understand
correctly the contents of safety regulation requested by each continent.
This makes all our products are perfectly safe.
All our Ropecamp members always will do our very best to produce safe and useful playgrounds
equiments for all our children`s joy and fun.

Thank you,

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Ropecamp produces best quality products with advanced technology.
Ropecamp will make best efforts to creat customers value.
Ropecamp give you best service and we will be your good partner.